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Small Building and Sub Contractor’s Benchmarking

Getting the fair market price for your services

The Quotation

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Builders and Subbys.

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Competitive quoting

Many builders and subcontractors use $ per M2 to estimate jobs.

This can be dangerous as the example on the right illustrates.

4 floor plans all 144M2.

Ratio of walls to floor in the last example is nearly 50% more than example 2.


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The secret to competitive quoting is having accurate data to work from.

Say you do 25 jobs a year and win them by $5 thousand.

You’d have $100 thousand more profit if you won the same jobs by one thousand and all for the same work.

No point being too sharp when you most likely have the job anyway.

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So how do we do this?

Read on, I’ll show you.

Rule of thumb with accounts.

With a little help from Mark Knopfler.

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